Testing & Certification

Val-Met has the capability to carry out Material   testing  to meet & qualify  the requirements. Some of the tests being carried out in association with NABL approved laboratories,



(A) Destructive Testing

  •  Mechanical Testing 

(a) Tensile test at room temperature(ASTM E8M)

(b) Tensile test at elevated temperature(same)

(c) Stress rupture test in elevated temperature

(d) Bend Test(ASTM E8M)

(e) Flattening Test & Flaring Test (ASTM 269 )

(f) Hardness Test (ASTM E8M)

(g) Impact Test (RT & Low Temperature)  (ASTM E8M)

  • Chemical Analysis

(a) Wet Analysis

(b) XRF Analysis(X ray fluorescent test)

  •  Metallographic Test

      (a) Micro Structure analysis (ASTM E112)

      (b) Macro Structure analysis

      (c) Grain size measurements

      (d) Inclusion Ratings 

      (e) Ferrite count measurement

      (f)  Inter granular corrosion Test


With qualified and experienced inspectors (ASNT qualified), the following non-destructive tests can be done in-house. 

  • Ultrasonic Test

Test Method: Pulse echo contact method.

Instrument: Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, calibrated.

Probes: Dual Crystal probes and special probes.

Specifications: AMS 2630B/2632 and ASTM Standards

                              Size: Above 12.5mm(0.5inch)

Reference blocks:  Manufactured in-house (1.2 mm FBH, 2 mm FBH etc) Flat Bottom Hole

The testing is done in-house with ASNT Level - II qualified inspectors for Plates, Rods, Forgings and Castings. 

Acceptance: Class AA, Class A

  •  Liquid Dye Penetrant Test.

The testing can be done in-house with ASNT Level - II qualified inspectors for primary product forms, Castings, Forgings and Machined Components.