Val-Met Engineering Pvt Ltd (VME) is in the business of “Specialty Material Engineering” since year 2007.The company has exclusive and strategic tie up with best of the Mills across the world from US, Europe and Russia. Materials are sourced from these companies based on the customer specifications and are tested /validated at our Chennai facility. Val-Met operates in a unique space, wherein apart from the material sourcing based on standards, Val-Met helps customer put together specification based on the application and also carry out relevant tests and provide certification. While we specialize in sourcing of super alloys (Nickel, Cobalt & Titanium based) for critical applications, we have in our offerings complete range of Materials to suit any requirements. Our value addition capabilities are very unique and it encompasses among other things, carrying out critical testing (in house or external), Sizing, Fabrication/Manufacturing, Special processing/treatment etc. 


VAL-Met =Value Added Materials: Provides a  one stop solution for all Material requirements for various industries- Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Process Industries, Alternative energy covering key critical applications.